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On May 23, the 5th edition of Business Plans Kit For Dummies finally reached bookstores. Updated throughout, the book also has all-new chapters, including Finding Your Funding, Planning a Virtual Business, and Planning in a Transformed World.

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Jumpstart Your Success with these 4 Books

Make Business Plans Kit for Dummies your resource for blueprinting your business success plan. With several hundred thousand copies already sold, the book is now released in a heavily updated 5th edition. In addition to advice for generating a business idea, mapping strategic direction and developing a plan for success, the book is packed with advice for planning in today's transformed and ever-changing business world. Book purchase includes access to more than a hundred online worksheets, surveys and a template for designing and creating your individualized business plan.

NEW in 2015
This 2nd edition of Branding for Dummies adds chapters and advice that build on the 1st edition, which was was named "Book of the Month" by It's in use as a college text, in ad agencies and marketing firms, and by businesses and individuals who aim to build distinctive, powerful, and influential personal and business brands.

This 3rd edition of Small Business Marketing For Dummiesis a kit with a CD (downloadable for ebook readers) containing more than 50 forms and worksheets. It also features spotlight advice from 10 small business experts.

Here's everything you need to know about deciding to sell, pricing, preparing your business for sale, finding and dealing with prospective buyers, negotiating a deal, closing the sale and transitioning to the new owner. With forms and checklists throughout. Book foreword by John Davies, CEO of Sunbelt, the world's leading business sale brokerage.