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WELCOME to Bizstrong, a small business resource center with advice from Barbara Findlay Schenck, the author of four For Dummies books and a small business columnist, strategist, and speaker. Use the menu above to reach free information and resources or use the links in the righthand column to go straight to your area of interest. Here's to your success!

TAKE MY BUSINESS PLANNING COURSE. Here's a trailer from Powerful Business Planning, a 10-hour taped course from creativeLIVE. To purchase, just follow this link.

TAKE MY FEARLESS MARKETING COURSE. If you or someone in your business wants to come up to speed on every aspect of marketing, this 10-hour workshop was recorded before a live and worldwide online audience in the San Francisco studios of creativeLIVE. This trailer gives you a sense of what's in store and here's the link to the "Buy Now" page on creativeLIVE.


Released in December 2014 this completely updated 2nd edition of Branding for Dummies includes new chapters and updated advice throughout. It builds on the first edition which was was named "Book of the Month" by

The third edition of Small Business Marketing For Dummies became a kit complete with a CD (downloadable for ebook readers) full of more than 50 forms and worksheets. It also features spotlight advice from 10 small business experts.

Business Plans Kit for Dummies, a one-stop resource for blueprinting the plan for your business or organization, is now out in an updated fourth edition. It includes advice for generating a business idea, mapping strategic direction, and tailoring a plan to your business needs. A CD includes worksheets, surveys, and form for developing all the business plan components, including a template for designing and creating your own individualized business plan. Click to read Chapter 1.

Here's everything you need to know about deciding to sell, pricing, preparing your business for sale, finding and dealing with prospective buyers, negotiating a deal, closing the sale and transitioning to the new owner. With forms and checklists throughout. Book foreword by John Davies, CEO of Sunbelt, the world's leading business sale brokerage.

WATCH Antonio Neves of THINQACTION ask 10 minutes of great questions about personal brands.


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